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Our approach to web site design

The average quality of web sites is decreasing. It is becoming harder and harder to find accurate, useful information on the web. The few gems are hidden within a mullock heap of digital waste.

Juggernaut's core business is to structure, design, build and maintain high quality web sites. Our approach to web site development is to:

We realise that every job has its unique set of requirements and challenges and we bring our extensive experience and knowledge to bear on each task of building a successful web site.

Building usable web sites

These pages discuss in more detail the guiding philosophy behind our approach to web site design.


What is the goal of a web site? We look at the reason sites exist and why people use them.

How do people use a web site? How do site visitors seek their goal?

Can we use these insights to help us build successful web sites?

Once the site is built, how do we improve the search engine ranking?

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